GRemote v2.0 – GRemote gets great

We have written about GRemote little more than a week ago, and the software has already evolved greatly since them. From originally simply being software for emulating an air-mouse the software has added a whole extra layer of functionality, and is becoming the ideal interface for a Home Theatre PC. The software, which features an extremely attractive user interface, now includes the following applets:

  • GCenter – place to select controller type
  • Keyboard – Now you can use any SIP method including the hardware keyboard in HTC Touch Pro. Extra keys on screen Ctrl, Alt (three state), Esc, Del, Tab.
  • GPad – especially for Media Center (generates arrow keys, Enter, Backspace, Esc, Alt+F4, StartMenu)
  • GMedia – multimedia keys for Windows Media Player (VolUP, VolDown, Play/Pause,Stop,Next, Prior)

The software has also improved ease of use, for example the user no longer need to know the IP number of the computer he wants to connect to, the software will auto-detect it, and it includes a stability mode which makes clicking on small on-screen buttons easier.

Read more about the software and download it from this XDA-Developers thread here.