Greg Sullivan: Windows Phone "selling like hotcakes in China"



imageMicrosoft executives are pretty hyped about Windows Phone sales at the minute.

While they are not revealing exact sales figures, we have already had Steve Ballmer talking about sales being 4 to 5 times higher at the end of last year.

Now we have Greg Sullivan, Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft, in an interview with Computerworld also delivering encouraging news.

He said Windows Phone 8 handsets were “selling like hotcakes in China,” and that the OS was also gaining success with Nokia’s Windows Phones in the U.S.

He also repeated Ballmer’s statements that sales were five times higher for the last week of December when compared with a year earlier.

“The sales trends are there for Windows Phone,” Sullivan said. “They are going in the right directly absolutely and strongly.”

“There’s sales momentum, carrier momentum, and app momentum, with 125,000 apps,” Sullivan noted.

He said focus groups found consumers were now more often considering buying one, helped by a robust marketing campaign.

“With Windows Phone 8, we’re in this for the long haul,” Sullivan said. “We used to think about Windows as software on a PC, but it’s also on the server and in the cloud and in Skybox and other services even Xbox. Windows is not only Windows and Windows Phone. It’s across all parts of Microsoft.”

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