Greed City: The real life Monopoly game just got real competitive

Welcome To Greed City

A major update to Greed City has just been rolled out. Players are now also able to compete on local leader boards as they aspire to build the biggest property empire. The purchase screen has been reworked to make it easier to find businesses to buy and the performance of the app has been improved significantly.

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Here is a complete feature list for the update


  • Added “Purchase Business” screen to make it easier to find a business to purchase
  • Added “Local Leaderboards” to the Leaderboards screen, can now view top players by country & state/province
  • The Total Worth bar is now clickable and shows a breakdown of how it’s calculated
  • Added “Flag as Duplicate” option to help remove duoplicate businesses (the duplicate owner is refunded, the original business is calculated by date added or correctness of details added)
  • If your GPS (Location Services) is disabled on your phone we now prompt the user notifying them as well as giving them quick access to turn there Location services back on. This should prevent the “unknown location” businesses from receiving so many check-ins.
  • Added Map icons for all categories
  • Help & FAQ can now be translated into 20 different languages
  • When viewing a business we now display the 3 key reward points (Customer, Owner & Business value increases)
  • Business: The map now animates to the position of the selected business to get a better feel of where it is located
  • Business: Added help to the stock tab- Business: We now display how much stock remains on the main tab
  • Business: We now remind the owner if he forgets to add stock to a business when he leaves the business screen
  • Business: You can now tap the Map to have it view the map fullscreen and it will show the nearest 25 businesses to the currently selected business
  • Performance Improvements on adding comments- On the Nearby/Check-in Screen we now do not include businesses without stock
  • Performance Improvements on the map view
  • Misc GUI Changes