Greed City (An empire building game based in the real world) update released

QRCode/Greed City is a location based game brought to you by the same guys that created Torchbear!

The game is much like a mashup of Foursquare and Monopoly.

Players compete to become the ultimate property tycoon and climb the worlds exclusive rich list. Where it differs though is that players build a property empire using real world locations and check-ins. You earn game credits by checking into places and by setting up businesses for other players to check into. It’s a very unique approach to location based gaming, one worth checking out.

The game is free with NO adverts, and is a WP8 exclusive title.

ver 1.1.5

  • Added ability to reset password if forgotten
  • Added the What is New in this version screen
  • Added Help & FAQ section
  • Leaderboards now show all results (endless scrolling), instead of just the top 20
  • Added “Businesses by number of unique customers” Leaderboard
  • Added “Recently Added Businesses” list
  • Added “Top Countries by number of businesses” leaderboard
  • You can now upload a profile picture
  • You can now update your email & alias
  • Players can now add a short bio to their profile
  • You can now view a full size image of a players profile pic
  • bug fixes

Download here.