Great Windows Phone Development events in Greece

There will be great events related to Windows Phone Development events at TEI of Larissa in Greece.

The Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications, NOKIA Hellas and Microsoft Hellas are arranging a two day hackathon for students in May 24-25, 2012. At this two days event, students will have an opportunity to design, develop and demo complete applications. There will also be a beginner opportunity that will help first-time Windows Phone developers become familiar with the basics of the Windows Phone ecosystem. The Department launched the "Windows Phone Developer Challeng"e and students can participate by submitting 3 apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace and may win a free Windows Phone 7 device.

The Department also is hosting the "Windows 8 hands-on Workshop" on June 7–8, where students will have a chance to meet & interact with Windows 8 Metro app experts as they would be mentoring both on the technical and business aspects.

More information can be found at , a web site that has adopted the metro style and functionality.