Great TouchFlo3D hack makes music tab much more functional

PrintScreen Fredz on XDA-Developers has done what HTC did not in TouchFlo3D 2 – improve the music tab.

At present the the music tab is only slightly more useful than a chocolate teapot, meaning any serious user will soon switch to a better player like pocket tunes.

Fredz has created the TF3D Advanced Music Player which makes the music tab finger-friendly, and allows more navigation options of your music than just previous and next song. 

Features of TF3D Advanced Music Player include:

  • Left to Right Cover flow
  • Add button to go to the first song of the next album
  • Add button to go to the first song of the previous album
  • Switch to left or right allow you to changed to focused album

The software is still under development, and Fredz plans to add:

  • List album songs when you tap on the Album Art
  • Change music when tap on it

These changes should mean you will almost never need to go to the library page, which is just as well, as in this version the menu buttons do not work.

The software at present only works on VGA devices with the new version of TouchFlo3D – WVGA support is promised in the future.

Download the cab from this XDA-Developer thread here.