Great things of 2009 No. 2 – Capacitive screens


31, 2009

Author Surur // in News

Without and With

The position of this controversial item so close to the top may puzzle some, but unfortunately the fact is that one of the primary features which differentiates a modern smartphone in the mind of the public from a less featured one is the presence of a capacitive screen.

The capacitive screen on the HTC HD2, the only Windows Mobile example, is for example one of the main differentiators between the smartphone and the Acer neoTouch, resulting in the HD2 winning major mainstream plaudits and the neoTouch, well, not.

2010 should see a large number of Windows Mobile capacitive screens, with or without Microsoft’s support, and also eventually support for the technology in Windows Mobile 6.5 and of course 7.

Do our readers agree or disagree with this assessment?  Let us know below.

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