Great news–According to Flixter Windows Phone 7 hits 1% iPhone, 1.6% Android market share


Techcrunch has gotten hold of some Flixter numbers, who has a movie info app for all major platforms, which revealed some predictable stats for iPhone, Android and RIM, and also some numbers for Windows Phone 7 (which are hard to come by and always welcome).

By Flixter’s numbers, over a one week period they achieved 1 million installs, of which 51% was on the iPhone, 30.1% Android and 0.5% Windows Phone 7.

While TechCrunch feels pretty doom and gloom about this, saying:

… Windows Phone went hungry. The latter’s 0.5 percent equals just over 5,000 installs for the holidays. To put it another way, Windows Phone total installs over the entire span were the same as what Apple was seeing every 90 minutes. And even RIM was seeing 10,000 installs per day.

Obviously, it’s not entirely fair to compare all the platforms considering that Windows Phone is a new platform while others like iOS has been around for a few years now. Still, 5,000 installs over the holidays when rivals are seeing 100x of that is obviously not good.

they do miss the point. There is no doubt Windows Phone 7, starting from zero,  has to fight for market share, but they are missing a certain upward trend.

Last time we had some numbers, from Chitika,  for early December, we had Windows Phone 7 making 0.9% of Android impressions and 0.6% of iPhone ones. Today’s Flixter usage numbers from late December show Windows Phone with 1.66% of Android ones and 0.98% of iPhone ones.

While TechCrunch may sniff at these numbers, a 2 month old platform grabbing 1.6% Android market share is pretty good. We look forward to double figures this time next year.