Great news for developers! Google release beta WP8 AdMob SDK



GoogleAdmob_crop380wWe joined developers in complaining the other day that Google has not updated their Windows Phone Ad SDK for Windows Phone 8, leaving developer with little choice except to use Microsoft Advertising ads, which has a really limited inventory and therefore limited the income developers could expect from their ad-supported apps.

The great news is that the coverage must have jogged some-one’s memory about the forgotten project, as Google has just announced a new AdMob SDK for Windows Phone 8.

The SDK will support:

  • Create an AdMob banner view from code
  • Embed an AdMob banner directly in an XAML file
  • Show full-screen interstitial ads
  • Register for ad events such as succeeding or failing to receive an ad

This beta version of the SDK does not include the following features that are available on iOS and Android:

  • Ad Network Mediation
  • Support for DoubleClick for Publishers
  • Search Ads for Mobile Apps support
  • MRAID support

The beta version of the AdMob SDK for Windows Phone 8 can be found here.

We do not take this development as a sign of relationships between Microsoft and Google warming up.  More likely is that Google, an Ad company at heart, has realized it is missing out on 30-40 million Windows Phone users generating millions of dollars in ad revenue every year, and that that despite their best efforts so far Windows Phone is not going away, so they might as well make a buck.

At present Windows RT remains unsupported.  Read more about the development at Google here.

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