Great news for all teenagers! eBuddy XMS coming to WP7 Marketplace soon


eBuddy is a cross-platform chat client similar to KIK and WhatsApp which supports iPhone, Android, Blackberry and now Windows Phone 7. The app was subject to a campaign in October to convince the company to develop for Windows Phone. has now spotted a beta for the app in Marketplace, where it claims to offer the following features:

  • Ability to add contacts by scanning the address book, Facebook contacts directly with the PIN or eBuddy
  • Allows you to copy and delete entire conversations posts
  • Push Notifications of received messages
  • Only allows text chat
  • Displays the contact’s online status
  • Displays information about the delivery status of a message
  • Phone Compatible with Windows 7.5 and higher Mango
  • Languages ??available: English, Dutch and Russian

However to does not:

  • Do not allow to send or receive images
  • Do not display emoticons sent from other platforms

eBuddy have however said they are working to remedy any existing deficiencies in the application and the final version  will be a much more complete and have corrected all the bugs currently present.

I am sure anyone with teenage daughters can not wait.

See more screen shots at here .

Thanks Alex for the tip.