Great must-read interview with Joe Belfiore



Joe Belfiore has given a great and in-depth interview to, which provides some great insight into the development and future of Windows Phone.

We summarized the 6000 word interview, which gives information on updates and hints to the future of Nokia X, below.

Joe explained that in developing Windows Phone, they concentrated on some features which broadened the market, such as dual-SIM handsets, and some features which made Windows Phone uniquely attractive, such as Cortana.

He said he looked forward to Universal apps helping to close the app gap by increasing the installed base addressable by developers.

He admitted that Windows Phone did less well on the high end than the low end, and suggested this was due to Android’s model of pushing cutting edge features and the “way more than you need” game”, saying Microsoft could not “hit the bleeding edge quite so fast.”

He suggested that Nokia and Microsoft engineers were already working pretty closely together pre-purchase, and that the main benefit would be a more coherent marketing message.

Joe said there were plenty of space for the other 16 Windows Phone OEMs, and he did not expect them to cannibalize Nokia sales.

On the Nokia X phones, Joe remained unenthusiastic about the device, but said it was a good experiment to see how consumers reacted to a device with a Microsoft-inspired UI and Microsoft services, but with Android apps. He did however say it was “unfortunate”  the handsets did not run Windows Phone apps also, but interestingly would not comment on whether this could change in the future, saying “we are not discussing product roadmaps today.”

He did not have anything to comment about their relationship with Google, except to say they were willing to work with Google in whatever capacity they think is right.

Regarding Windows Phone updates, he said the tempo was 3 updates per year, but also that apps and services like Cortana, Bing and Xbox Music would be updated much more often on the backend.

Joe was not clear on on what would happen to Nokia Music vs Xbox Music, saying they were exploring the best value proposition.

Joe said he was watching the progress of their Qualcomm Reference Design Windows Phones closely, but would not be drawn on even lower cost smartphones, but suggested one of the value propositions of Windows Phones was also lower data usage.

Joe suggested the Moto E was a response to the Nokia Lumia 520, and said “the competition is tough, but we are unperturbed.”

Read the full interview at here.

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