Great Fuze TV-Out hack – TV out for $2.79


tvoutfuzeThe HTC Touch Pro/ HTC Fuze has, in its TV out, a great feature, but it only works with a relatively expensive $21.99 HTC TV out cable.  For a feature that will not be used very often it can be a bit pricy, but I think at $2.79 it becomes a no-brainer.

This hack, discovered on the PPCGeeks forum, makes this radical cost reduction possible.  It turns out all you need is an iPod TV-out cable connected to the HTC Fuze multi-adaptor cable and a small registry edit to get TV out for cheap working.

The appropriate iPod cable can be gotten fro cheap nearly anywhere. DealExtreme is offering the cable at only $2.79 with free shipping. The registry hack it taken care of by this new control panel applet by no2Chem.

Read more about this great discovery at PPCGeeks here.