Ex-Titanfall developers have left Respawn Entertainment to create an all-new video game studio: Gravity Well.

Founded by Titanfall executive producer and lead programmer Drew McCoy and Jon Shirling, this new independent studio will focus on developing next-gen experiences for consoles such as Xbox Series X and PS5.

Compared to bigger AAA studios, Gravity Well will remain smaller at around “80-85 people at peak”. This smaller team size compared to Respawn Entertainment is allegedly to keep communication between the team as efficient as possible. The studio will also keep an anti-crunch work ethic to keep “team health an absolute top priority”.

“That means good compensation,” says Drew McCoy. “That means everyone at Gravity Well has creative freedom, because when someone else makes all of the decisions, work isn’t fun and the end product isn’t as good.”

“This industry isn’t the most diverse. That’s part of the reason why we’re really excited to be starting as a remote-native studio. We can attract people from all over. The amount of people we’ve had to walk away from over the past few years because of work visas and trying to get them to Los Angeles was huge,” McCoy told GamesIndustry.biz.

“This changes how we think about fundamental stuff when starting a studio. Where is your infrastructure? What kind of tools do you invest in? How do you communicate effectively? These are things that everyone else in the industry is working out right now, but we don’t need to bring along 20 years of legacy and infrastructure, and try to fudge it to be online.”