Gravitards- A New Skill Based Game For Windows Phone 7

Gravitards is a newly released game on Windows Phone 7 platform with some neat graphics and game play.

Game Description:

Gravitards is a skill-based game with amazing graphics and real physics, where you have to drive a ball through many different levels, reaching the end zone (or “gravitard”), without dropping it, while collecting rings distributed all around. You´ll find obstacles, moving parts, force fields, guillotines, ramps, jumps, and even a pinball table to play with. Test yourself by controlling the ball with your device’s accelerometer, with on-screen buttons, or with the keyboard, and get the needed practice to complete all the levels.

It costs  $1.99  and  full trial is available for download . Let us know how this game stands up comparing to others.

Click HERE to view the App on your phone or computer.