GPS tools got a new version: more functionality and bug fixes

The GPS Tools application is a framework of GPS dependent utilities. The application uses the onboard GPS as well as online resources to accomplish its tasks.

The GPS Tools application is divided into these sub-categories:

  • Location Information (Coordinates, Addresses & Elevation.
    • Select Location
    • Display Location information: Address, Coordinates, Elevation and Map
    • Share Location (Tweet, SMS, Social Networks)
  • Routes Designer
    • Define a Route
    • Edit a Route
    • Calculate a Route length
    • Display a Route Elevation Profile vs. Distance
    • Calculate a Route area
  • Tracking Utilities
    • Track phone Location on a Map
    • Display elapsed Time
    • Display elapsed Distance
    • Insert Markers on a map
    • Draw tracking chart profile of Time, Distance, Elevation and Speed.
  • Daylight Information
    • Select desired date
    • Calculate and display Sunrise and Sunset times
    • Display Length of Day and Solar Noon time
    • Display Twilight and Photography times
    • Calculate Sun Angle, Elevation and Azimuth
    • Display Daily Sunrise, Sunset and Length of Day chart
  • Moon Information
    • Select desired Date
    • Calculate Moonrise and Moonset and Azimuths
    • Calculate Moon Age and Display Moon Phase
    • Calculate Full Moon and New Moon dates
  • Weather Information
    • Display Current Weather conditions
    • Display five days of weather projection
    • Display five days of hourly weather conditions
  • Projection and GeoFence Utilities
    • Select any two locations (use the same four location selection methods described below)
    • Calculate and draw projected point, based on distance and bearing
    • Calculate and Draw GeoFence, based on center and radius
  • Directions Utility
    • Display directions (Bing driving, walking and transit)
    • Voice navigation interface
  • Speedometer Utility
    • Display Speed
    • Display Distance
    • Display Altitude
    • Display Elapsed Time
  • Time Zone
    • Display the Time Zone value & ID
    • Display the Daylight Saving value
    • Display a running World Clock
  • Where Is My Car? A parking utility to mark where your Car is parking
    • Display address and coordinates for Car location
    • Share the car location
    • Display time remaining (or overrun)
    • Display walking directions to your Car
    • Take a picture of the Car location
  • Data Utilities
    • Export Data to Excel for further analysis
    • Backup data to OneDrive
    • Share Data
  • About and Setup
    • Set Lock screen
    • Set Backup/Restore to/from OneDrive
    • Set Imperial or Metric Units
    • Set Fahrenheit or Celsius
    • Set Multiple Area Unit types
    • Set Decimal coordinates vs. Deg./Min./Sec. coordinates
    • Set Data Filtering
    • Set Tracking Trigger Mode, Frequency and Accuracy
  • Map Utilities
    • Display a scale on the map (scale dynamically changes based on the map zoom level)
    • Control Zoom level with a slider
    • Fit and Center the Map
    • Set multiple map display modes (e.g. Road, Aerial)

The GPS Tools application allows users to select a location (or multiple locations, based on the current application utility) anywhere on the globe in four different ways:

  1. Current GPS Location
  2. Location based on Coordinates
  3. Location based on Address
  4. Map utility to select location

Find it in the Windows Phone Store here.

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