GPS Tab For Touch Flo 3D AKA Sense



While reading the long list of threads on the touch HD2 imagesection of XDA, I found something that might interest those hardcore HTC sense users. This mod/tab was created by a Russian Fed citizen on XDA, whose called xaoc747. He managed to envision a new way to display your compass, and GPS data, and has made it happen with the first release of his new Sense Tab.

This Tab contains many thing going on at once, and I am sure all HTC HD2 users that want the experience will loss a lot of battery in the process. But that’s neither here or there. If you want to have your GPS in your face and easily accessable at all time this tab comes with:

– work with GPS module without using a third-party navigation software
– definition of current position
– definition of object motion parameters for calculation between the current and previous points
– Determination of directions and distances to given calculation points
– recording of tracks (routes) in automatic and manual modes in a format Yandex maps with further viewing them
– an analysis of the tracks (the specified distance route, maximum and average speed on the route and time of movement on the route)
– Work with the payment points (in the format tags Yandex maps)
– sending SMS with your coordinates in the automatic and manual modes for a given number
– to set the maximum speed and control the speed while driving with the gradation by the fine

Now this might not be the best GPS system you will have on your Windows Phones(I personally use iGo,) but for a free software that looks good and comes with all these features… I only have one question, where do I sign up :).

You can download it, and install it with the instructions.

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