New details have surfaced regarding the GPD WIN Max and the on-board controls are looking better than ever. 

Revealed through a deep-dive into the system by GPD, the upcoming handheld mini-PC is set to deliver the best control setup from the company yet.

Most impressive is the system’s overhaul of the joysticks, a high point of contention for many that enjoy modern controllers. While the last-generation GPD Win 2 mini-PC saw movable sticks with independent L3 and R3 buttons, the WIN Max has incorporated proper analogue sticks that actually click!

In other areas, GPD continues to impress. The system’s bumper and trigger setup still uses the amazingly satisfying microswitch design, but players can expect decently sized buttons instead of the miniscule buttons of past devices. The microswitches have a mechanical service life of 10 million times.

In what is probably the most intriguing and drastic change for the GPD Win line is the complete movement of the start and select button to make way for a touchpad. Now, the start, select and Xbox buttons are all situated in the top-left. GPD describes this change as a way to “facilitate operation with the left thumb”. I agree.