Gorilla Glass for big displays: Corning’s new Astra Glass will protect your tablets, laptops, and TVs

I always wonder why laptops’ screen doesn’t come up with protection similar to smartphones. It’s weird that your laptop screen is not as protected as your smartphone’s screen. Now, Corning is filling the decades-old void by introducing all-new glass substrate, Corning Astra Glass.

As you know already from the title, the Corning’s new Astra Glass is designed to be used in tablets, notebooks, and 8K TVs, all bigger displays out there. Astra not only aims to protect high-resolution panels but also make sure that the resolution or pixel density of the display remains as it is(Via: XDA).

Qualcomm says that the new Astra Glass will “enable the higher pixel density of high-performance displays that panel makers require to meet consumer demand for brighter, faster, and more lifelike images.”

There is no information as to when the Astra Glass will be available for the manufacturers but now that it’s announced, you can expect to Corning to share more details regarding the availability of the new Astra Glass by the end of this year.

Source: Corning