GOP warns Microsoft that Huawei is a “real and urgent” threat


8, 2019

Microsoft’s Brad Smith has been unhappy about having their business with Huawei curtailed without much evidence, but now 5 GOP senators have warned the company to trust in the government and security services.

Huawei has been accused of  “espionage activities”, “technology theft and economic warfare,” but despite placing Huawei on the entities list, the Trump administration has provided little evidence.

“Oftentimes, what we get in response is, ‘Well, if you knew what we knew, you would agree with us,’” Microsoft president Brad Smith said earlier. “And our answer is, ‘Great, show us what you know so we can decide for ourselves. That’s the way this country works.’”

Now in an open letter to Microsoft Sens. Tom Cotton (Ark.), Marco Rubio (Fla.), Rick Scott (Fla.), Josh Hawley (Mo.) and Mike Braun (Ind.) warned Microsoft that Huawei presented a “real and urgent” threat saying:

“While the U.S. government and American industry must take certain steps to protect our people and our telecommunications infrastructure, we do not want to cause undue harm to those American companies. We believe, however, that a review of publicly available evidence indicates that the security concerns about Huawei are real and urgent.”

Microsoft is of course bound to follow government rules, but there has been a suspicion that the US government’s issues with Huawei have been more related to economic and political battles with China, an issue not helped by the government granting Huawei multiple “general temporary licenses” since.

Via The Hill

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