Gooroovster brings Google Music to Windows Phone, now available

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We posted about Gooroovster, a Windows Phone 7 client for Google Music, a few weeks ago.  Since then the developer has fixed the UI (the biggest bone of contention then) and the app has come out of beta.

The app is $3.99 with a free trial, but for that offers:

  • Sync your entire Google Music library to your phone for browsing and streaming.
  • Browse by artists, albums, songs, and playlists.
  • Option of streaming your entire song list or streaming by artist, author, and playlist.
  • Supports play, pause, stop, skip back, skip forward, and shuffle.
  • Refresh latest allows you to only refresh the most recent 500 tracks uploaded to Google Music.
  • Refresh playlist refreshes all of your play lists on Google Music.
  • Support for background playback

goroovsterGoogle Music allows one to store one’s own music in the cloud, in Google Music’s case up to 20,000 tracks. It is unfortunately only open to US residents, something to bear in mind before buying the app, but work arounds are available.

Gooroovster can be found in Marketplace here.