Google’s Teams and Slack rival now lets you snooze notifications for later



Google is bringing the ability to snooze notifications, to its Slack and Teams competitor apps, Hangouts Chat.

With this new update, a notification which is snoozed is set aside and can be scheduled to pop up at an opportune moment rather than simply being dismissed to the ether;

As per Google:

You can choose the time frame that best suits your needs from the options of 30 minutes or one, two, four or eight hours. During this time, notifications will be muted on all your devices. Other people will see your presence indicator change to a moon and a status line next to your name letting them know when they can expect you to be responsive again.

Google announced Hangouts Meet and Chat last year as its enterprise-focused communication apps, but its uncertain whether these products have made a dent in the ubiquity of Slack over the time they’ve been released.

Source: Google

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