Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch has leaked online in a series of new photos, giving us a proper look at the sleek Apple Watch competitor.

After reportedly being left behind at a restaurant in the United States, likely by an employee, Google’s Pixel Watch has finally been revealed to the world in images suppled to Android Central.

Just as we expected to see from Google’s Pixel Watch, thanks to all the past leaks and rumours, the prototype device features a very sleek circular watch face with only the watch’s rotating crown and “at least one button” protruding from its side. 

As we’ve come to expect from smartwatches, on the rear of the device there are sensors to monitor the wearer’s health and heart rate. According to Android Central’s source, the bottom of the device has a smooth feel that looks metallic but is actually covered with class, similar to the Apple Watch

Unfortunately, a charger for the device was not supplied to Android Central, so there is no information just yet on how the device will charge, or what its user interface looks like once it’s properly powered up.

Google’s Pixel Watch also appears to feature proprietary watch bands similar to the Apple Watch’s sports bands. Unfortunately for users, this may make customising the watch with new straps and bands difficult. 

Google is yet to officially announce their Pixel Watch, however, it is expected that the watch will be revealed during Google’s upcoming I/O presentation which is set to broadcast next month on the 11th and 12th of May.