Google’s Pixel-branded Chromebook costs $999


4, 2017

Along with new Pixel smartphones, Google is launching a premium Chromebook under the Pixel brand. The company’s Pixelbook is a $999 Chromebook and it will directly compete with $999 Surface Laptop.

The Pixelbook will have a touch display, as well as a Pixelbook Pen stylus that supports pressure sensitivity, 10ms latency, and tilt detection — just like the new Surface Pen. Google’s Pixelbook will be slightly different from the Surface Laptop, though — you’ll be able to fold it up and turn it into a tablet, kind of like the Surface Book and other Windows convertible laptops. The device will have a 12.3-inch display and come with Intel’s 8th-gen processors. You will be able to get up to 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage on the device, but you will probably never use all 16 gigs as the device runs ChromeOS.

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Google’s Pixelbook will come with Google Assistant built-in, which is a major step forward for ChromeOS. It’s unlikely if Google will bring Assistant to other Chromebooks in the future at the moment, however. The device will support all the Android apps from Google Play, and the company is also working with Snapchat to build a laptop-friendly user interface for the company’s app.

The entry-level variant will cost $99, while the Pixelbook Pen will cost sell separately for $99.

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