Google’s Pixel 4 might ship with a telephoto lens

Google’s Pixel 4 will very much likely have a telephoto lens if recent leaks are to be believed. The firm’s Google Camera 6.3 app apk has been decompiled, and users have spotted references to the next-gen Pixel and its camera hardware.

First of all, the camera IDs unique to the new Pixel include “front IR,” “front regular,” “front wide,” “rear regular,” and “rear telephoto”.

The first new thing here is a telephoto lens. This would be a lens allowing users to take better zoomed-in photos like what Huawei currently offers on its P30 Pro. The second different camera is a front-facing IR camera. Google has been rumoured to be working on Face Unlock with Android Q, and a front-facing camera would bring it up to par with Huawei and Samsung, as well as Apple. It won’t be as secure as Face ID, but it’ll be fine for consumers who value speed over security.

Google’s Pixel cameras already take good pictures with a single lens. With a dual-lens, it is possible it may once more leapfrog Huawei and Apple’s efforts on its way back to the top.

Coverage: Android Police