Google’s Night Sight to take centre stage on future Pixels

Google’ Night Sight is a marquee feature of its Pixel devices. This technology allows the Pixel’s camera to take good to great nighttime shots, only bested by Huawei’s overpowered P30 Pro. Typically, the firm has it hidden behind a menu in the ‘more’ options screen. This means that if it doesn’t appear automatically ina dark scene, users would have to dig through the menu to find it.

With an upcoming update in the Android Q camera app, Google is shifting Night Sight to the camera carousel. This change makes it so users can easily swipe to it from the viewfinder without skipping a beat.

Personally, I use Night Sight a lot more than I use Panorama. When you take into consideration that Google’s Photos app can create Panoramas for you after the fact, the move becomes a no-brainer. Google has announced a new Pixel 4 with an improved camera hardware system. When one considers jut how good the Pixel’s Camera is with just one lens, it’s going to be interesting to see what it does with multiple lens.

Source: 9t05Google