Google’s Instant Tethering comes to more Chromebooks and Android phones

While Microsoft would like us to buy an Always Connected PC with a built-in SIM or eSIM and separate data plan, for most people this is a bridge too far, especially when WIFI is available in most places where we want to work.

For the rest there is tethering and today Google has brought Instant tethering, which makes it quick and easy to connect to your smartphone dataplan with only one click, to more Chromebooks and Android phones.  The feature was previously only available on some Pixel devices.

When your Chromebook detects that it has no Wi-Fi access point, it provides a notification that a data connection is available through your mobile device. Instant Tethering is activated once you click the “Connect” button on that notification. Additionally, Instant Tethering will automatically disconnect if it detects 10 minutes of no activity to save you power and data.

Before today, Instant Tethering was available on only a few devices, including Pixelbooks and Pixel Slates paired with either Pixel or Nexus phones. But now, Instant Tethering is available on 15 additional Chromebook models and over 30 cell phone models. Instant Tethering is coming to even more Chromebook and phones in the coming months.

See it in action in the video below:

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You can read more about Instant Tethering, how to enable it, and find out if it works with your devices here.