Google’s Pixel 4 has brought some changes to the Android 10 gesture navigation system. First and foremost, the Google gesture nav now works with third-party launchers on Android 10. One of the major criticism of the update was its limitation placed on consumers, precluding them from running popular third-party launchers like Nova while using Google’s new full gesture navigation system.

With Pixel 4, Google fixes that in software. Users can run their favourite launchers while retaining access to the new Google gestures. The fix, whatever it may be, has yet to roll out to other Android 10 devices, unfortunately. However, its presence on the firm’s new flagship phone can only bode well.

On the other hand, Google’s gesture navigation is now the default way to activate the new Google Assistant. By default, of course, we mean the only feasible option. Users who opt to use the old-style three-button menu are consigned to the old-style Google Assistant, though it is unlikely that Google could not have found some way to allow compatibility. Like we said in the headline, one step forward, another backward.

The Google Pixel 4 will go out to consumers from next week, with reviews expected shortly before the device starts shipping.

Source: TechRadar, Android Police