You can now manage and secure Windows 10 devices through the G Suite Admin console, just as you do for Android, iOS, Chrome, and Jamboard devices. This also means you can enable SSO so users can more easily access G Suite and other SSO-enabled applications on Windows 10 devices. The feature has been in development for 2 years and was previously available in beta.

Now, all G Suite admins can now use Google Credential Provider for Windows to:

  • Enable their organization to use existing G Suite account credentials to login to Windows 10 devices, and easily access apps and services with SSO.
  • Protect user accounts with Google’s anti-hijacking and suspicious login detection technologies.

Additionally, G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education, and Cloud Identity Premium customers can now also:

  • Ensure that all Windows 10 devices used to access G Suite are updated, secure, and within compliance of organizational policies.
  • Perform admin actions, such as wiping a device and pushing device configuration updates, to Windows 10 devices from the cloud without connecting to corp network.

Management abilities include:

  • Log into Windows 10 systems using a Google account
  • Control Windows 10 update rules
  • Enable BitLocker encryption remotely
  • Change Windows 10 settings remotely
  • Wipe or remove corporate data from a device
  • Sign users out of their Google Account on a Windows 10 device, and more

To enable management by G Suite,  system administrators will first have to install the Google Credential Provider for Windows app on their Windows 10 devices.

The feature is rolling out starting today over the next 3 days and is available to all G Suite and Cloud Identity customers.

via ZDNet