Google’s Chromebook Pixel Makes the Surface Pro 3 Look Like a Bargain

We’ve all complained about the price of the Surface Pro 3, myself included. It’s frustrating that the keyboard is an extra $130 and comparatively spec’d ultrabooks are less expensive. Maybe one lesson is that consumers appreciate form factor, aesthetics, and convenience over technical specifications.

Microsoft spent a lot of time during the Surface Pro 3 press event comparing the tablet to a MacBook Air. After all the Redmond software giant is marketing this a “the tablet to replace your laptop.” Another beneficial comparison would have been with Google’s Chromebook Pixel.  The Verge wrote a rave review of the product giving it a 7.5/10, citing the “incredible design” and “excellent screen.” Interesting to note the original Surface Pro was given the same exact score by the incredible unbiased professional journalists at prestigious technology website “The Verge”

Let’s see how the Chromebook Pixel stacks up against the Surface Pro. I’ll compare it to the mid-level Chromebook Pixel LTE model to the mid-level Surface Pro 3.

Chromebook Pixel Surface Pro 3
Price $1449 $999 ($1128 w/ Type Cover)
SSD 64GB 128GB
Weight 3.35 lbs 1.7 lbs
Processor Intel i5 Ivy Bridge Intel i5 Haswell
Thickness 16.5 mm 9.1 mm
Aspect Ratio 3:2 3:2
Battery Life 5 Hours 9 Hours
Keyboard Included Yes No
Screen Size/Touchscreen 12.85” / Yes 12” / Yes
USB 2x 2.0 1x 3.0
Screen Resolution 2560 x 1700 239 PPI 2160 x 1440 216 PPI
LTE Yes No
OS Chrome OS Windows 8.1 Update 1

Please comment below if you are planning on buying the clearly superior Chromebook Pixel. If you are impressed with Surface Pro 3, pre-order it from Microsoft Store today.

Source: Google Play