Software makers for phones and tablets din;t just want to sell you one product, they want to sell you into whole suite of them. Microsoft’s Cortana makes video calls, but through Skype. Siri does the same, but with Facetime. Google has woken up to how people actually use products and is now making a change to how Assistant works. Previously, when users wanted to make calls, they’d be able to make a regular call via the phone or Duo app or a video call with Google’s Hangouts or Duo. In the real world, users often use apps like WhatsApp or Facebook’s Messenger instead, and the firm is adjusting to that reality.

Now, a user will be able to say “Hey Google, Whatsapp video [contact] and Assistant will engage and initiate the requested call. It works for voice calls as well, and will be rolling out to users over the coming weeks if not already available.
Previously, Googe introduced the ability for Assistant to read messaging notifications from WhatsApp. These moves will make it more attractive to users in regions where WhatApp reigns supreme.

Source: Google, Via: Android Police