Google’s new ‘Works with Chromebook’ program will help you pick the right accessories for Chromebook


18, 2020

Google has introduced a new program that would allow Chromebook users to find accessories for their laptops. Called the ‘Works with Chromebook’ program, it will allow Google to certify accessories like mouse, keyboard, etc that are made to work with Chromebooks.

Currently, the program lists 13 brands that are certified by Google and the list includes AbleNet, Anker, Belkin, Logitech, Brydge, Cable Matters, Elecom and more. The accessories under the program will carry a ‘works with Chromebook’ logo and will be rolling out soon to the United States, Canada, and Japan. Google will be making these accessories available via, Best Buy, Walmart, and Bic Camera (Japan). The company is working on bringing the program to more retailers as well as more countries.

A charger that gives you power when you need it, cables that ensure you can make important connections, a mouse that helps you work more efficiently—these accessories make it easier to work and play on your Chromebook. To help you find your next accessory, look for the Works With Chromebook logo on products in stores and online.

You’ll begin to see the Works With Chromebook badge on certified accessories in the U.S., Canada and Japan. We’ve tested these accessories to ensure they comply with Chromebook’s compatibility standards. Once you see the badge, you can be sure the product works seamlessly with your Chromebook.

– Google

You can read more about the announcement on Google’s website and you can check out the Works with Chromebook program over here. Google currently has another program called Made by Google which is applicable to accessories made for Google Pixel and Nest devices. The new program should add high-quality accessories to existing accessories.

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