Google wants you to seal your phone in an envelope to combat your smartphone addiction

Gone are the days of deleting texts to free enough space for that app which you intermittently delete and re-download.  These days, you’re more likely to face the problem of having too much storage, and not knowing what to do with it.  You’re already taking pictures of everything you eat, down to the last snack- yet you’ve still got another 40GB.

Thankfully, Google’s latest release has you covered.  Here are some apps which you probably won’t get much use out of, but will still find handy enough to keep installed.

Screen Stopwatch is an app which can help curb your smartphone addiction using a lock screen timer.  Whenever you lock your phone, the app starts a timer, which runs until you next use your phone.  Then, every time you look at your phone, you’ll be confronted with the amount of time you’ve just wasted.  If you find yourself getting lost in social media for hours at a time, this could be something to consider.

The next app is based on a similar concept, but this time, portrayed as a visual representation.  Activity Bubbles displays a new bubble in the interactive wallpaper every time you unlock your device.  The more you unlock your phone, the more bubbles will accumulate.

The last app, I personally can’t imagine anybody would actually use, but nonetheless- here’s Envelope.

This app requires you to physically print out a PDF, which you then turn into a specialised envelope. From then on, you only have access to the dialer and camera.  Only Pixel 3a users can subject themselves to this at present.

Source: bgr