Google may have ditched ChromeOS tablets for now, but the firm isn’t giving up on making the OS better for tablets. The firm earlier was found testing a more laptop optimised layout for its clamshell mode, and now a similar move is being made on the tablet side.

Google has hidden the tests behind a new flag labelled as “chrome://flags/#shelf-hotseat”, and while it doesn’t do much — it draws an arrow towards the evolution of tablet mode navigation.

Here’s how the new UI looks:

As you can see, it apes the new Android 10 gestures interface, though the gestures don’t quite work yet as already noted. This makes a lot of sense if Google wants to bring all its operating system together, ensuring they share a common navigation logic is literally the bare minimum they could do. Apple’s iPads already rely on n gesture navigation, so Google would also be adopting what the majority of tablet users would be used to.

While Google isn’t launching a new ChromeOS powered tablet any time soon, the firm is launching a Pixelbook Go in just over a week, so we’ll see if the firm has any announcements to make on its platform.

Via: Chrome Unboxed