Google Go team takes over the development of VS Code Go extension from Microsoft

June 11, 2020

VS Code is a popular IDE among developers. Recently, Microsoft announced that VS Code has 11 million active users. Thanks to the Go extension for Visual Studio Code, 41% of the Go developers use VS Code as their primary IDE.

Until now, the Go extension for VS Code was maintained by Microsoft. Microsoft VS Code team was working with Go language team at Google to support new language server for the Go language, gopls, improving support for the Delve debugger and more.

This week, Microsoft announced that Google Go team will take over the development of the Go extension for VS Code.

During the last few years working together with the Go team, it’s been clear they are in the best position to advance the tooling ecosystem for Go and ensure that it evolves alongside the language.

Even though the extension will become part of the Go project, the VS Code team will continue to work with Go team to improve the Go development experience in VS Code. Microsoft has also changed the publisher of the extension from “Microsoft” to “Go Team at Google” in the VS Code Marketplace. Also, the source code for the extension is now available at golang/vscode-go.

You can download the VS Code Go extension here from Visual Studio Marketplace.

Source: Microsoft

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