Keep Awake keeping My device from Sleeping


While trying to install an application, sometimes your backlight goes off and you are trying to see the progress but just cant keep it on, this can help. This application is called KeepAwake, and it works as an app backlight excluding app. It can control how your backlight will react in curtain app menu’s. The application was created by an XDA member who obviously got tired of having his YouTube, Ereader, Adobe backlight always going off while he was reading.

I’ve already added HTC Reader and Adobe Reader apps into watchlist. If you want to add more, run your app, switch to Task Manager/Processes, learn the name of the exe file, (e.g. htcreader.exe) drop the .exe part, input htcreader into Textbox and click add button. It is case sensitive.
if you want to remove a certain app, select its name and click remove button.
if you want to have KeepAwake open but still not active (to force into standby) click stop.
this app autostarts with each boot, if you don’t like it, delete the shortcut under \Windows\Startup\KeepAwake.lnk
this app starts minimized. if you want to configure settings, select the icon one more time or switch to it using a task manager.
if you click quit, obviously the software quits and no more monitoring is done, so click X after configuring if you want it to monitor your apps.

This application is a very useful one, and as soon as my new HTC HD2—finally got my hands on one from Ebay—gets here, I will sure to try it.

If you would like to test it, Go to XDA and Download the app, and give us a comment.

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