Google strikes again with another Chrome privacy issue, and this time it’s the cookies


25, 2018

It seems Google is determined to turn their 20th anniversary into a self-parody of their earlier “Don’t be Evil” slogan.

We wrote earlier about Chrome 69 automatically logging you into the browser when you log into a Google service such as YouTube or Gmail.

Now another privacy transgression has been discovered. It appears Google is intentionally making it difficult to delete your Google cookies and therefore use their websites anonymously.

When you try and delete your cookies in Chrome 69 the browser will now delete all your cookies except your Google service ones.  If you dig further into settings and try and delete your site data, you will discover that Google will recreate your Google cookies immediately, making sure they can always keep track of you.

Given that few people intentionally delete their cookies, it is difficult to see why Google would want to frustrate the few who intentionally try and gain some privacy if they did not want to make life difficult on purpose.

The solution (for now) is to log out of the browser and then clear your cookies, but of course, as soon as you check your Gmail the whole process will start over again.

Google Chrome has a dominant 65% desktop market share, with no other browser having more than 10% share, according to Netmarketshare’s data.

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