Google Stadia is a streaming service geared at easily accessible gaming, but its restrictions to secondary devices make it less than ideal. Thankfully, Google is expanding Stadia onto more platforms with the development of a native Smart TV application.

Revealed as part of LG’s CES 2021 lineup, upcoming LG TVs will see the inclusion of a native Google Stadia app that will allow users to simply pick up a controller and play AAA games without any hassle. It’s what Stadia should’ve had from the start.

In the video, senior director of US home entertainment marketing Tim Alessi explained that future LG TVs will all benefit from the inclusion of a dedicated Google Stadia app for easily accessible gaming.

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Google Stadia on LG TVs could bring some intriguing benefits. With future LG televisions offering mirror streaming and reverse mirror streaming through a simple NFC tap, players could potentially seamlessly move between TV and mobile gaming in an instant.

It’s clear that Google Stadia needs to continue pushing forwards in the face of Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and rival streaming applications such as Xbox Cloud Gaming. With the one-click-away prospect of cloud gaming built into your TV, Stadia could eventually be the always-accessible service it should be.