Google has slashed the price of Google Stadia Premiere Edition down to $100 but they’re also taking away a bit of the value. 

Revealed via a Twitter post by the official Stadia Twitter account, the price of Google Stadia Premiere Edition has been cut down from $130 to a much cheaper $99.

Google Stadia Premiere Edition comes with these goodies: a Chromecast Ultra and a Google Stadia controller. However, while the original bundle came with a three month Stadia Pro subscription, customers will no longer be given one in this cheaper bundle.

“The new Stadia Premiere Edition is now available for $99,” Google announced on Twitter. “Level up your Stadia experience with the Wi-Fi enabled Stadia Controller and Chromecast Ultra to maximize your experience.”

Google has put a decent amount of effort into pushing Stadia forward as of late. With enhancements to the mobile ecosystem in the form of touchscreen controls to finally making the base version of the service free to enter, there is finally an incentive to get into Stadia.

Despite this, Stadia still has controversies popping up every now and again. Whether it’s accidentally making a year-old build of an unreleased game available to play or a major AAA studio saying that they felt disillusioned about the service, there’s always something coming out about the service.