Stadia may be billed as a Pixel exclusive app for now, but Google has plans to bring to other platforms — including possibly Android TV. At the International Broadcasting Convention (a tech convention for firms in the TV industry) Google laid out its road-map for Android TV as reported by XDA Developers. While the firm’s ambitions were the usual expected vaguely nice goals of improved app count and better partner adoption, the plans for 2020’s Android 11 were the most relevant to Stadia.

As per the slide for Android 11 (R), Google’s aims are as follows:

  • Assistant for Operators GA (General Access) more partners & i18n (internationalization.)
  • Assistant far-field reference designs, improved x-device targeting.
  • Hero device advancing next-gen smart home UX, e.g. Lens, Camera.
  • Expand homescreen and instream ads offering.
  • Stadia integration.
  • Reference video broadcast.
  • 8.0k Apps

From what we can tell, Google will be building Android 11 for the TV platform with Stadia Integration as part of its intended feature set. It’s not clear why exactly Google would need an update to Android 11 to support Stadia on Android TV, especially since the service is supposed to be a cloud gaming app. Perhaps Stadia integration could refer to a deeper link with Android TV, especially as the platform is more easily tailored to gaming scenarios. With Apple Arcade on the cusp of launching, Google’s plans for Stadia need to be a bit better-thought pout, lest they are crushed by Cupertino.