Google rolls out a patch to fix the Google Cast WiFi bug

by Anmol
January 19, 2018

Recently we reported an issue with Google Cast devices that started sending high traffic eventually crashing the WiFi. Google did start looking into the issue and as promised, the company has rolled out a new patch to fix the issue.

Apparently, users reported seeing a sudden spike in the traffic that was sent from Google Cast devices which resulted in WiFi slowing down and in worst case even crashing due to overload. Routers from many companies like TP-Link, ASUS, Netgear and Synology were affected. TP-Link even released a statement detailing some aspects of the problem and rolled out a firmware update to handle heavy traffic.

The new update will hit all the device soon enough but if you can’t wait, then we recommend you download apk file and manually install the update. Do let us know in the comments section if this update fixed the issue or not.

Via: Engadget

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