Google is rolling out Assistant’s redesigned feed for iOS


26, 2020

Author Anmol // in Google

Back in October, Google started testing the new UI changes for Google Assistant. The new UI was inspired by Smart Displays and was named “Snapshot”. After testing it for a while, the new UI started rolling out to Android users earlier this month and now the company has started rolling it out to iOS users as well.

We’re also redesigning the Assistant experience on the screen that’s with us all the time—our phones. The Assistant will give you a quick snapshot of your day, with suggestions based on the time of day, location and recent interactions with the Assistant. To provide a summary of tasks and list items, we’re integrating popular notes and lists services from Google Keep,, Todoist and many more.

We’re also bringing a new food pick-up and delivery experience to the Assistant that isn’t constrained by a chat-style interface, so you can order your favorites from Starbucks, Doordash and Applebee’s, in addition to existing partners like Dunkin’ Donuts and Domino’s. The new visual design will be available in the Google Assistant app later this year.

– Google (I/O)

Snapshot basically acts like Google Now and it will give you the latest weather updates, calendar appointments, reminders, and more. The feature can be accessed directly from the Google app for iOS users. Android users, on the other hand, will have to launch Assistant or open the Google app and then tap the “Update” option on the bottom.

Apple iPhone users can head to Apple’s store to download the version 1.8.5003 update which adds the feature to the app.

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