Google responds to pressure with updated Android Samba client with SMB v1 disabled



A few weeks ago, to the consternation of many, Google released a new Samba client for Android which only supported SBM v1, Microsoft’s deprecated and flawed LAN file sharing protocol, which is believed to be riddled with security holes.

Microsoft’s Ned Pyle, who owns SMB, said that the SMBv1 protocol is fatally flawed even when implemented by others, as it is vulnerable to Man in the Middle attacks, meaning even Linux and Android users who use a clean room implementation of SMB would be exposing users to being exploited.

Now it appears Google has responded to the outcry by updating the software and disabling support for SMB v1.

The client now supports SMB v2 and SMB v3, which does not share the same vulnerabilities.

The improved version of the client, which is still somewhat barebone, without the ability to mount a volume, for example, can be found in the Play Store here.

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