Google is making it easier for users to search for Podcasts. The firm will be adding a new feature that surfaces podcasts when you search for one. For instance, if you search for “Serial podcasts”, you’ll see episodes of Serial pop up right in the search interface. You’ll also be able to search for “Podcasts about ‘Topic'” and find relevant search results which would be playable in full right from the Search results screen.

Google says it’ll be bringing even more of this Podcast functionality to the web, allowing users to keep tab of their podcasts across mobile and the web.

“As part of our work to help podcasters build audiences and grow their businesses, we’ll soon add the ability for publishers to specify where you can listen to their podcasts, such as other apps or websites. This means you’ll be able to discover podcasts that may be exclusively available by purchase or subscription,” Zack Reneau-Wedeen, Product Manager, Google Podcasts said on Thursday.

Google is rolling this feature out immediately, naturally first with users in the US, and then elsewhere in the world.