Google Poaches Blaise Agüera From Microsoft, The Man Behind Photosynth, Bing Maps And More



Just few days back Blaise Agüera from Microsoft gave us a demo of the upcoming Photosynth technology TED. Sad news is that he has left to Google. NYTimes today reported that he has left the company to join its rival Google. Blaise and his team worked on some unknown augmented reality, wearable computing and natural user interfaces projects at Microsoft. Publicly we know that Blaise Agüera was working on Photosynth, Bing Maps and Bing Mobile. NYTimes reported that Agüera y Arcas will work on machine learning at Google. Microsoft on its part commented the following,

“He was a great colleague and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

People come and go at Microsoft all the time. But losing someone like Blaise to Google will really hurt Microsoft.

Blaise today confirmed his new job on his blog with the following message,

Nick Wing­field at the New York Times just broke the news that I’m going to Google.  On one hand, of course this is tremen­dously excit­ing; Google is a com­pany of grand ambi­tions and bril­liant peo­ple.  On the other hand it has been hard— very hard— to detach emo­tion­ally from Microsoft.  The company’s lead­er­ship has been con­sis­tently good to me over these past eight years, and it has been a time filled with cre­ativ­ity and growth and good friends.  It’s painful to leave behind so many won­der­ful ongo­ing projects, and even more so to leave behind such a great team.

The hard­est deci­sion of my life.

Good luck with your new job, Blaise!

Source: NYTimes

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