Google Pixel 4 now requires your eyes to be open for the face unlock to work


7, 2020

Google has published a new April 2020 update for Pixel devices and it brings an important change to Pixel 4 devices. Google Pixel 4 was released last year but the device came with a huge issue that needed immediate addressing. Pixel 4 users reported that they could unlock their phones with their eyes closed which undermined the face unlock feature on Pixel.

Now, Google has released a new update that patches the issue. Surprisingly, Google has not enabled the feature by default so if you’re concerned about your friends or family snooping through your phone while you’re asleep then make sure you enable the feature by going to Settings>Security>Face unlock>Require eyes to be open. Apart from that, Google has also shared Pixel and general Android security bulletins which detail a ton of security patches as well as fixes related to Bluetooth and keyboard.

Google is rolling the update out to all the eligible Google Pixel devices which include Pixel 2, 3 and 4 series. Alternatively, you can also get the OTA and factory images for Google Pixel devices if you don’t want to wait for the update.

Via Android Police

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