Google is expected to announce Pixel 5 series later this year. The company usually holds its annual Pixel event around October where the company announces its flagship smartphones for the year.

However, it looks like the Pixel 5 series might not be well equipped to take on the likes of Galaxy S20 and iPhone 11. According to a report by 9to5Google, Google might go with Qualcomm 765G instead of 865 or 865+ for Pixel 5 series. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G is not the top of the line processor but it comes with integrated 5G modem. This is something that’s missing from 865 and manufacturers have to purchase for Qualcomm’s X55 modem to add 5G support to their flagship phones.

According to Geekbench, phones that are powered by Snapdragon 765G score 30-50% worst when compared to those powered by Snapdragon 865. That fact alone would put Google at a disadvantage, not to mention the fact that Snapdragon 865 itself is slower than Apple’s  A13 Bionic chip. To top it all, Google Pixel A series has been doing well in the market and is going head to head against other mid-range phones. So it doesn’t make sense for Google to launch Pixel 5 series with significantly underpowered hardware but then again, 9to5Google has a stellar record when it comes to Google so it’s unlikely that they are in the wrong here.

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