Face Unlock on the Google Pixel 4 has been criticized for being easy to spoof, a particular issue given that this is the only biometric security on the device.

It would also be easy for example for a child or partner to unlock your phone while you are sleeping by pointing the phone at your face.

Google has now released an update which addresses the last issue, adding the default requirement for your eyes to be open when Face Unlock is used. Users are still able to disable this requirement.

Google had earlier released a “Pixel Feature Drop” for the handset which enabled the phone to adapt to your changing appearances such as a new hairstyle or beard, similar to the iPhone.

The new option now brings the handset up to parity with the iPhone.

The update also addresses a Bluetooth Audio issue with caused sound to drop out while on a call and fixes a keyboard lag issue in some apps.

Read more about the update at Google here.

via The Verge