Google has released its first “Pixel Feature Drop” for the Google Pixel 4.

The new system of updates comes in addition to regular software updates and features and are designed to keep the handset feature competitive with other smartphones.

Consistent with that purpose, the first new feature makes the Pixel 4’s Face Unlock more competitive with the iPhone.

With the update, the phone will now adapt to your changing appearances such as a new hairstyle or beard, similar to the iPhone.

“When it’s on, face unlock images are occasionally used to create improved face models,” Google’s update states. “This helps recognize you better over time.”

The updated model is stored on-device in the handset’s Titan secure enclave.

Other improvements include improved robocall screening with Google saying:

With our latest update to Call Screen on Pixel 4 in the US, the Google Assistant now helps you automatically screen unknown callers and filter out detected robocalls before your phone ever rings, so you’re not interrupted by them.

The handset now also offers improved location tracking via dual-frequency GNSS so it can track two satellite signals at once, either from GPS or Galileo satellites.

It also now supports T-Mobile eSims, offers improved face-framing in Duo video calls and Portrait Blur in Google Photos for existing pictures.

The update is rolling out now.

Via XDA-Dev