Latest Google Phone app teardown reveals two new features for Pixel devices


4, 2020

Author Anmol // in Google

Earlier today Google rolled out a new beta update for Google Phone app and the latest update has bumped the app to v47.0. The new update has also revealed some of the new features coming soon to Google Pixel phones.

As you might remember, last year Google announced that the company will be doing a monthly feature drop for Pixel devices which will add new features to the Google Pixel lineup. The teardown of the latest Google Phone app has revealed two new features which are expected to be bundled along with the next Pixel feature drop. XDA Developers have discovered the following two strings which correspond to two new features for Pixel phones.

Answer with 1-way video

The new feature will allow users to answer video calls without turning on their own camera. Currently, video calls turn on the camera for both the participants but this might soon change if the new string is to be believed.

<string name="call_incoming_chip_answer_video_as_one_way_video">Answer as 1-way video</string>

Flip to Silence

This is one of the more common features in Android phones and allows users to silence incoming calls just by flipping the phone down. This feature can be helpful during classes and meetings or when you don’t want to pick up a phone call.

<string name="flip_to_shush_title">Flip To Shhh</string>
<string name="flip_to_silence_key">flip_to_silence_key</string>
<string name="flip_to_silence_summary">To silence an incoming call, place your phone face down on a flat surface</string>
<string name="flip_to_silence_title">Flip To Silence</string>

As we already mentioned, the new features are supposed to come along with the next feature drop. Google hasn’t given a timeline of when to expect the next drop but we hope it will be soon.

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