Google has made a move to acquire fitness band maker, Fitbit, just after it was reported earlier this week by Reuters.

While Google has been making WearOS and Google Fit for years (including under other brands), this is the firm is trying to put them together into a cohesive hardware package.

The firm’s ambitions aren’t opaque. It has been building out a hardware line with its Pixel products, with a smartwatch being the only thing it is missing.

“Over the years, Google has made progress with partners in this space with Wear OS and Google Fit, but we see an opportunity to invest even more in Wear OS as well as introduce Made by Google wearable devices into the market,” Google’s Rick Osterloh Senior Vice President, Devices & Services explained, “Our hardware business is still relatively young, but we’ve built a strong foundation of capabilities and products, including Pixel smartphones and Pixelbooks, Nest family of devices for the home, and more. Google also remains committed to Wear OS and our ecosystem partners, and we plan to work closely with Fitbit to combine the best of our respective smartwatch and fitness tracker platforms.”

Of course, it hasn’t all been sunshine and roses for its hardware business, the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel Slate — despite their hardware innovations– got critically panned. Sales of its other devices haven’t been overly impressive either. If Google is in for the long game, it just may accomplish something just by inertia, otherwise the Pixel Watch may just end up the same.

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